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Hello! My name is Ashley Wilson, a mom of 3 young boys, an avid CrossFit member and the owner of LifeStrong Physical Therapy.


My educational journey led me to Nazareth College, where in 2012, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science with minors in Psychology and Gerontology. I furthered my studies at Nazareth, graduating in 2014 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Following graduation, I relocated to Rhode Island with my husband and embarked on my career at a private outpatient orthopedic office. Eager to enhance my skills, I pursued various continuing education courses, focusing on manual techniques and functional treatment methods. However, after several years, I found myself feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. Recognizing the need for a change, my family and I made the bold decision to move closer to our roots in the Carolinas. There, I assumed the role of Clinic Director at a corporate physical therapy company, where I flourished in growing clinics while honing my leadership and business acumen.

Yet, by the summer of 2022, the demanding hours and absence from family moments left me disillusioned with my corporate role. Determined to realign my priorities, I bid farewell to corporate constraints and launched LifeStrong Physical Therapy. This new endeavor allows me to serve our community more intimately, unbound by insurance restrictions and corporate mandates, while prioritizing my own happiness, health, and family.

LifeStrong PT was also founded to indulge my passion for two areas close to my heart: Women's Health and Orthopedic/Sports Therapy.

My athletic journey commenced at age 8 with competitive swimming, a pursuit I maintained through college despite a shoulder injury incurred during my early teens. It was through physical therapy that I found respite and recovery. After 16 years of swim practices, I transitioned to CrossFit post-graduation, seeking the challenge, functional strength, and competitive spirit reminiscent of swimming. However, during my first pregnancy in 2016, medical advice said substitute CrossFit for a gentler regimen. Disheartened by the lack of tailored care, I resolved to advocate for women's health during pregnancy and postpartum.

As an internal pelvic floor therapist, I aim to dispel misconceptions surrounding postpartum recovery, challenging the notion of "just walk" and the premature "all clear" at 6 weeks postpartum. My goal is to empower women throughout their pregnancy journey, preparing them for childbirth and guiding their recovery towards a safe and fulfilling return to their passions.

Ashley Wilson, Owner of LifeStrong Physical Therapy
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