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Welcome to
LifeStrong Physical Therapy

We specialize in providing comprehensive physical therapy services tailored to women's health, pelvic floor therapy, and orthopedic rehabilitation.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, stronger you!

Women's Health &

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Currently Pregnant or Newly Postpartum? Our Perinatal program gives women’s the tools and confidence to prepare for labor, maintain their normal movement patterns and activity level safely throughout pregnancy as well as gives you the guidance and coaching required to ensure healthy movement patterns once baby arrives.

Orthopedic & Sports

Physical Therapy

Ideal for those who require skilled intervention for diagnosis of acute symptoms, treatment of acute or chronic dysfunction and retraining movement patterns to avoid future breakdowns.

Initial PT evaluation usually packaged

with follow up visits. 

Dry Needling &

Body Work Sessions

This type of treatment is ideal for maintenance purposes, over usage and generalized pre/rehabilitation. A brief screening is performed prior to all sessions

Our Services

Ashley Wilson

Owner of LifeStrong PT

Graduating from Nazareth College with a Bachelors Degree in Health Science and a minor in Psychology and Gerontology in 2012, and again in 2014 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Ashley brings a passion for all things PT and Women's Health!

Why Cash Based PT?

When compared to your traditional, insurance based physical therapy practice, a cash based PT practice can offer many benefits to you as a patient, both in terms of cost and treatment possibilities. 


Megan, Lake Wylie, SC

"I showed up at Dr. Ashley’s office as a first-time mom who had just been through a traumatic birth and was in constant pain. I wanted to be able to run again and it is because of Dr. Ashley that I can run again postpartum and do all the things! Dr. Ashley was so welcoming and understanding. She asks the best questions to understand your lifestyle and needs. She helped me navigate being a new mom and helped me live a pain free life!"

Kristen, Lake Wylie, SC

"Ashley has such a gift to offer women seeking to improve their pelvic floor health. She listens to your challenges and helps you to identify goals to work towards, some which you didn’t even know could be goals (like sleeping through the night without several waking's to use the bathroom!). Her expertise on women’s health is top notch and so incredibly helpful in removing the stigmas women are facing about postpartum health and improving the quality of life after babies."

Ashton, Lake Wylie, SC

"I had Ashley work with me to help strengthen my pelvic floor after having my baby. Her knowledge in pelvic floor health and recovery was evident through her compassion for what a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy/childbirth. She made sure I was informed, comfortable and released with exercises to do on my own. I feel confident recommending anyone especially anyone in need of pelvic floor physical therapy (every single mother) to Ashley’s care."

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