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Do I need a referral of script for therapy?


No, In the state of South Carolina you are able to see a physical therapist for 30 days prior to needing referral. If 30 days is reach prior to reaching your goals, we will work on your behalf to obtain a continuation of care script/referral.

Can I use My HSA/FSA? 

Yes, we are able to except any health savings account. Receipts are provided for all transactions in case of auditing.

Can I use my Insurance?


LifeStrong is a cash-based therapy business, and therefore does not bill your private insurance directly. However, upon request we are able to provide a "Super-bill" with the necessary documentation to be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement purposes. This does not guarantee reimbursement.

What does Cash-Based mean?


LifeStrong offers fee for service pricing, meaning the client pays up front for the services rendered. We offer straight forward pricing with no hidden fees or unexpected bills after care. Cash-based service allows us to be able to provide an individualized treatment approach developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.   This also means you no longer have to share your appointment time with other clients.  Read more about cash-based practice benefits here.

My Doctor says I need an internal assessment, what does that mean?


An internal pelvic floor assessment is vastly different than that of an internal examination at your OB’s office.  We provide discussion-based education before, during and after. During an internal assessment, your therapist is looking at tissue quality, tissue response and adaptability of tissue during simple cues. While this assessment can help with your treatment approach, it is not necessary. We encourage you to ask questions, discuss your comfort level and express any concerns during your initial evaluation.


Have more questions? Schedule a Free Discovery Call!

Free 20 minute phone call to discuss what symptoms you may be having, difficulties with functional activities, inability to return to previous level of athleticism as well as our treatment approach and recommendations for future follow up care.


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